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Michael & Jennifer Guthrie

Michael is a Harvard grad, a philosophy major, and a serial entrepreneur. He’s sold a few companies and walked away from others, but always with another idea for what the world could really use. Jennifer is from Mississippi, graduated from SMU and traded bonds for more than a decade. Most importantly, both are parents of two rambunctious children whose zest for life is both a thrill and constant source of worry, especially when they are out-of-sight. In many ways, the modern world has made parenting more difficult, but sometimes technology can be put to good use. Hopefully RoadPoints can ease some of the stress we all feel when the kids embrace new challenges like driving.

To Our Way of Thinking…

  • Leaving the Nest

    It’s an exciting time for a teenager: he or she is ready to drive. Or at least he or she has a license… But it’s terrible time for a parent. How do you know how he drives when you’re not sitting beside him? How do you sleep at night when she’s out with the car? Is he speeding? Is she swerving in the lanes? Sudden stops, starts, etc.? That’s why we started RoadPoints. We want to know how our children drive when we’re not with them, and we want to motivate them to drive responsibly through our safe driver app.

  • Cooperation

    RoadPoints is structured to benefit both child and parent: the child earns extra money and the parent breathes a little easier. We pay others to protect our children: why not pay them a little to protect themselves? Of course, they shouldn’t need any motivation to stay out of harm’s way, but that’s the heart of the matter: they’re teenagers.

  • Privacy

    is our first priority. In order to grade your young driver’s performance, we obtain GPS data through our safe driver app from his or her phone. But our interest ends there. We do not store this information any longer than it takes to issue the report card, nor will it ever share this information with a third party. The privacy of your child is sacrosanct.

What is it?

Driver report card

Each driver receives a RoadPoints Report Card based on a composite of scores: speeding, acceleration, connectivity and distracted driving.

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Distracted driving

RoadPoints Beacon

Sits in the car and communicates with the driver’s phone to disable it while driving. If the driver attempts to unlock his phone while driving, the app will generate alerts every second asking him or her to close the phone.



Justine Howell

What that means is that you as a parent can put money into the system and when they earn enough good driving points they can redeem some of the $ in that account and get paid for their good driving skills….all teens would love that incentive!! I’ve always been an advocate for positive rewards and this one seems like a great one for teens and their parents.