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When I first heard about RoadPoints, I had no idea how something like this could be incorporated, managed or even begin to work. It’s simple & easy download to your teenager’s phone. Don’t worry—they won’t mind once you explain what’s in it for them. Once installed, the app will report movement and location data back to the server. The app will also report if it is shut down…Read More

Heartbeats & Soul Stains

I love this app for so many different reasons. One I can now monitor where the kids go. So many times they go out change their plans and forget to let us know. Now I can check without being that paranoid mom. The other reason I love the app is because I can monitor how fast they are going, how often they are slamming on their brakes and other behavior that would mean they were not paying full attention to the road…Read More

Mommy and Baby Reviews

Hard to believe my daughter will be 17 next month, where has the time gone. With that being said, she will have her license and I will be having a heart attack. She’s never been anyplace without one of us adults with her. Yea I will be a nervous wreck and not sleeping till she walks through the door. With this awesome app, Roadpoints, will help me, and I will know what happens when she’s on her own …Read More

Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

Well there’s something that you can now do as a parent to help your kids driver more safely, even when you’re not in the car with them. It does not entail taking the car away from them, or chaperoning 100% of their activities for all of those years. This is a far-less intrusive solution that they might actually like as much as you. It’s RoadPoints, a tool that tracks their driving and rewards them…Brilliant! …Read More

Posh Journal

Wouldn’t you love to monitor your teen’s driving with your smart phone and know just how fast they are going, or know where they’ve been…..well now you can with RoadPoints. This new development, and free APP, is available for your smart phone in order to track their good (or bad) driving performance and rewards them when they’re following the rules. Love that! …Read More

The Typical Mom

What is it?

Driver report card

Each driver receives a RoadPoints Report Card based on a composite of scores: speeding, acceleration, connectivity and distracted driving.
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Distracted driving

RoadPoints Beacon

Sits in the car and communicates with the driver’s phone to disable it while driving. If the driver attempts to unlock his phone while driving, the app will generate alerts every second asking him or her to close the phone.



When the phone is on, the app is on. If the teen disables it, the parent will know. Moreover, the teen will lose points and whatever $$$ you’ve put in the account.

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