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Explaining the Difference Between Defensive Driving & Aggressive Driving to Teen Drivers Mar 15, 2016.

Although often interchanged, the terms “defensive driving” and “aggressive driving” are completely opposite terms. Defensive driving consists of actions that prevent one driver from getting ... Read More

Why Teens do What They Do Dec 15, 2015.

Common Sense vs. the Teenage Brain   Some wealthy stranger in in Nigeria wants to send you $20MM. All he needs is your bank acct info. Who would fall that? Maybe your mother or grandmother ... Read More

8 Tips for Cheaper Teenage Auto Insurance Nov 30, 2015.

Adding a teen to your policy will increase it on average by 79% - and that's before speeding tickets!  So pour a drink, and have a seat…it’s about to get ugly.   There’s a reason for thi... Read More

Parents Survival Guide to Teenage Driving Nov 09, 2015.

Trusting your teen with your vehicle can be quite an act of faith.  Maybe he, or more likely she, is a cautious driver, always obeys the speed limit, always uses her blinker and eases to a full stop ... Read More

To bribe or not bribe? Oct 13, 2015.

That is the question. I remember years ago the scene that occurred at the family dinner table when my mother told my father that my older brother equated money with love. The old man laughed… We sho... Read More

An In-Depth Review of RoadPoints by The Typical Mom Oct 09, 2015.

"Wouldn’t you love to monitor your teen’s driving with your smart phone and know just how fast they are going, or know where they’ve been…..well now you can with RoadPoints. This new developme... Read More

Drug Use & Driver Safety by State Oct 05, 2015.

Some interesting observations crossed our desk this afternoon: a series of reports on driver safety and drug abuse by state. You might think that the residents of Los Angeles or Dallas or some other s... Read More

Distracted Driving on the Rise Sep 29, 2015.

A sudden rise in traffic deaths surprised big car insurers in the first half of 2015, meaning higher premiums for drivers who are now traveling in record numbers. Industry executives say the 14% surge... Read More

Get Paid For Good Driving? Sep 17, 2015.

Check out what Vanessa from Tech Tuesday had to say about the RoadPoints App!     Read More

Let the games begin… Aug 21, 2015.

So he (She’s not nearly as worrisome.) got his learner’s permit today… or Heaven Forbid; his full-blown license! Naturally he expects to inherit the car keys. No one (except himself) is very hap... Read More