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Blog Category: Good Driving Habits

The Day I Stopped Looking Forward to My Teenager Getting a Driver’s License Oct 20, 2016.

Up until now, I was looking forward to my son learning to drive. I figured he could rely on himself a little more and could drive himself to friend’s houses, activities and even to the store. He cou... Read More

How Dangerous is Texting and Driving? Apr 25, 2016.

Despite the fact that texting and driving is dangerous, it is not an uncommon occurrence. A report released by the National Safety Council1 has shown that five percent of accidents involve texting, an... Read More

Teen Driver Report Card Apr 20, 2016.

Being the parent of a teen driver can be quite exciting.  Driving allows your teen to be more independent. But it can also be nerve-wracking.  You may worry every time your teen leaves the house. Fo... Read More

8 Tips for Cheaper Teenage Auto Insurance Nov 30, 2015.

Adding a teen to your policy will increase it on average by 79% - and that's before speeding tickets!  So pour a drink, and have a seat…it’s about to get ugly.   There’s a reason for thi... Read More

An In-Depth Review of RoadPoints by The Typical Mom Oct 09, 2015.

"Wouldn’t you love to monitor your teen’s driving with your smart phone and know just how fast they are going, or know where they’ve been…..well now you can with RoadPoints. This new developme... Read More