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Blog Category: Texting and Driving

It Can Wait Oct 25, 2016.

For those who haven't seen them, AT&T has come out with a series of extremely moving ads about texting and driving.  In this one, we see how teens shrug off the warnings they're given: "yeah, i k... Read More

115 years of Licenses Aug 18, 2016.

We need licenses for everything these days—to cut hair, teach dance, sell lemonade…and especially, drive a car. But it wasn’t always that way. The Driver’s License evolved along with the car. ... Read More

Radius Networks and RoadPoints Provide Technology Services to Monitor Teen Drivers Jun 28, 2016.

WASHINGTON, DC – June 28, 2016 Radius Networks, Inc., the leading provider of mobile proximity beacons and services, and RoadPoints, a leading provider of mobile technologies geared towards promo... Read More

App Rewards Distracted Driving May 10, 2016.

The Snapchat Lawsuit: How an app (inadvertently?) encourages teens to text and drive recklessly.   You may have heard of the recently filed Snapchat law suit, which has drawn tremendous media a... Read More

How Dangerous is Texting and Driving? Apr 25, 2016.

Despite the fact that texting and driving is dangerous, it is not an uncommon occurrence. A report released by the National Safety Council1 has shown that five percent of accidents involve texting, an... Read More