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Ask away…
“Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.” – Francis Bacon

Common Questions

  • Will RoadPoints track my child’s location? Only if he exceeds the speed limit or executes a sudden start, stop or swerve. Otherwise, RoadPoints will not display the driver’s location.
  • Why not? Our goal is to foster good driving behavior in the least invasive manner. If we set ourselves up as Big Brother, your teen is likely to resist using our service to the point of uninstalling it, disabling it, etc., and forgoing the rewards. You can punish him, take his car away, etc., but that doesn’t get us any closer to our goal of protecting your child on the road.
  • How accurate is the data? Very. In slow-moving traffic, we measure his movements every 5 seconds and filter out local stops. On the highway, we take readings every minute.
  • When can I view his performance? You can log into your acct at any time to view your teen’s score and behavior. We will also email you his report card based on the frequency you select: daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • What if I don’t want to pay her? You can always set the RoadPoints Rewards to $0 and threaten to take his car keys if scores below a given %. Alternately, if you fund the account, but then get mad at him or her for some other reason, you can always void the account for that month. Just click the ‘Void’ button on the dashboard.
  • Shouldn’t paying for his car be enough? Yes, it should be, but is it? In our view, we pay for so many third parties to improve or protect the lives of our children, why not pay them if it makes a difference?
  • How much do you recommend I pay him? Each child is different, but keep in mind that he is unlikely to score 100%. We recommend dangling a heavy carrot in a high place and letting him jump for it.
  • How does the phone know if my teen is the driver or the passenger? It doesn’t, but wouldn’t you want to know if he’s the passenger in the car of a crazy driver? If it hits his wallet, maybe your child will tell his friend to slow down.
  • How does it know if he’s in a car or a train/plane/boat, etc? Our database stores the street grid and speed limits for every road in the United States and Canada. Once he leaves the grid, the app discards the data.
  • Does the app block texting or calling while driving? Because the app is designed to function both for drivers and passengers–most fatalities happen to passengers–we did not want to disable these functions. Our next upgrade will include the ability to distinguish between driver and passenger and disable the former’s ability to send and receive text messages and phone calls.

What is it?

Driver report card

Each driver receives a RoadPoints Report Card based on a composite of scores: speeding, acceleration, connectivity and distracted driving.
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Distracted driving

RoadPoints Beacon

Sits in the car and communicates with the driver’s phone to disable it while driving. If the driver attempts to unlock his phone while driving, the app will generate alerts every second asking him or her to close the phone.



Justine Howell

What that means is that you as a parent can put money into the system and when they earn enough good driving points they can redeem some of the $ in that account and get paid for their good driving skills….all teens would love that incentive!! I’ve always been an advocate for positive rewards and this one seems like a great one for teens and their parents.