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It Can Wait

Oct 25, 2016.

For those who haven’t seen them, AT&T has come out with a series of extremely moving ads about texting and driving.  In this one, we see how teens shrug off the warnings they’re given: “yeah, i know it’s terrible, but…”  And then they’re confronted with the ‘but’ towards the end of the video, it’s not funny anymore.  We highly recommend showing this video to anyone – not just your teen.  Most of us are guilty of glancing at our phone while driving, and the briefest distraction can end in tragedy.

But teens are especially vulnerable.  Studies show that while 96% of teens admit texting & driving is dangerous, 49% do it anyway.  So show them this video…and then if you want an another tool to reinforce the message, keep reading below.

AT&T is a phone company, which is why they feel obligated to make these videos.  Their solution is to have us all sign a pledge not to text and drive, and that’s a worthwhile goal.  A pledge converts an intention into a promise that’s harder to break.

But all the same, promises do get broken–especially those we make to ourselves.  Sometimes we need more than that.  We need something that prevents us – the physically restrains us – from giving in.

It’s why lapband surgery is so popular.  You can resist the cravings for only so long until … and the difference with texting is that it only takes once.  Five seconds on your lips might add to your hips, but five seconds on your phone could damage lives forever.

But the good news is that while technology has given birth to this crisis, it has also found a way to overcome it.  To find out more, please click here.

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