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Rewarding Behavior
Motivating your teen to drive responsibly

In a Nutshell…


Honey or Vinegar?  With RoadPoints, you can choose either, but we recommend the former.  Do you punish your children for bad grades or reward them for good grades?  The latter is a lot more fun.  You can fund their RoadPoints acct with any amount you want—the idea is to motivate them to play for it.


Barbarians and children are both a determined bunch.  In a test of wills, they usually prevail, mostly because they care less about their own well-being than we do.  Or maybe they just perceive it less clearly.  But if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em: if the concepts of safety and health are too intangible to motivate them, how about $$$?


moneyProtection Money sometimes goes toward a good cause.  The truth is that we would pay anything to keep our children safe, and often this means protecting them from themselves.  That’s why we created RoadPoints; and though it may seem counterintuitive to pay them to do something they should already want to do for themselves, in the end, does it matter?  A dog shouldn’t bite his tail either…

What is it?

Driver report card

Each driver receives a RoadPoints Report Card based on a composite of scores: speeding, acceleration, connectivity and distracted driving.
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Distracted driving

RoadPoints Beacon

Sits in the car and communicates with the driver’s phone to disable it while driving. If the driver attempts to unlock his phone while driving, the app will generate alerts every second asking him or her to close the phone.



Justine Howell

What that means is that you as a parent can put money into the system and when they earn enough good driving points they can redeem some of the $ in that account and get paid for their good driving skills….all teens would love that incentive!! I’ve always been an advocate for positive rewards and this one seems like a great one for teens and their parents.