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Teen Driver Report Card

Apr 20, 2016.

Being the parent of a teen driver can be quite exciting.  Driving allows your teen to be more independent. But it can also be nerve-wracking.  You may worry every time your teen leaves the house. Fortunately, there’s an app for that. With RoadPoints, every time your teen is behind the wheel, they’ll get a report card.

RoadPoints helps teen drivers practice safe driving habits so they can earn a high score. Like a monthly allowance, parents can set up the rewards plan, and we provide the scorecard by which they have to earn it. At the end of each month a high score equals more cash.  Let’s review what’s included in each teen driver report card.

The SpeedScore Encourages Your Teen to Obey the Speed Limit
teen-driver-report-cardThe RoadPoints SpeedScore is calculated by comparing the vehicle’s speed with the posted limits. In the parent portal you’ll also see a map with markers where the speeding occurred. We also track:

– Miles traveled over the limit
– Average MPH over limit
– Miles at or below the limit

The MotionScore Measures Acceleration and Stability
Harsh stops, quick starts and large swerves will deduct points from their MotionScore. Teach your teens to be aware and reduce distractions to avoid slamming on the brakes to get an A. Smooth accelerations are also going to help them score higher.

DriveScore & RoadPoints in Your Teen’s Driving Report Card
The DriveScore is a cumulative all-time score of their driving. You’ll see it recorded in both a number and letter so that you can easily track progression. And lastly, the RoadPoints total  is how much cash was earned that month.  Remember, they can only earn up to the maximum allowance you’re willing to pay and only if they have a good report card!

In our report cards you’ll also see stats on distance driven in miles, total drive time and top speed for each day as well as a monthly total. It doesn’t matter if your teen is the driver or the passenger—accidents happen to both—once the phone hits 20 MPH, it begins logging data.

Want to Know if They’re Texting and Driving?
The RoadPoints App offers an easy-to-install upgrade to discourage phone usage while driving. With the help of a small beacon that sits in the car, it communicates with the driver’s app, and helps to prevent them from unlocking the phone to text or play games. If they do unlock the phone while driving they’ll get an alert and a reduced FocusScore on their driving report card. The FocusScore shows how long the the driver was using the phone while the car was in motion. Click here to learn more about the beacon.

View a Sample Teen Driver Report Card
Visit sponsor.roadpoints.com/sample to see our sample report card. To get started, parents need to register online then get your teen download the app at bit.ly/roadpoints.