Reward safe
& responsible driving.

RoadPoint$ is a mobile app that allows parents to motivate their teens to drive responsibly. It prevents texting & driving; it monitors speeding and abrupt handling, and it maintains an up-to-date report card on the driver's behavior.


Drivers who

Features that encourage & notify.


    The Driver's Report Card grades speed & speeding, braking & acceleration, connectivity and distracted driving. Parents can view it any time on their phone or computer.


    If your driver speeds or comes to a screeching halt somewhere, you'll know when and where. If he's texting, a purple pin will mark it on the map.


    You can set it up to receive real-time alerts to your phone for different kinds of behavior. Is he texting & driving? Is she speeding 20MPH over the limit? You will know in real-time (if you want to).


    RoadPoints enables you to set up a driving-based allowance, and at the end of each month, your child earns a percentage of it based on their grades. You can encourage good habits automatically

  • I just wanted to let you know that your app is amazing! I was so stressed that my 18 year old is on her first road trip with a friend and I set parameters for how fast she's allowed to drive. This is helping me track it and I absolutely love it!!

    Tawnya Scott
  • What that means is that you as a parent can put money into the system and when they earn enough good driving points they can redeem some of the $ in that account and get paid for their good driving skills...all teens would love that incentive!!

    Justine Howell
  • This app is great. My kid's motivated to drive the speed limit and go easy on the brakes. If he speeds, I know where and when. If he kills the app, I get an email. Every week I get a report card on his driving, and every month, he gets a little cash.

    Jordan Maggio